How I went from wheelchair-bound to walking on my own two feet. It was far harder than easy, to say the least. To say it is finished is a lie, it never will be till I die. I’ve found ways to change my world to a gym and made my gym the world, all with the Lord’s help of course. Outdoors, around my own house, at neighbors houses, at the pre-church coffee stop, and wherever I went became a gym of sorts. Even if it wasn’t supposed to be a gym, I made it one in my purty’lil head. Because I cannot forget, so I’ll remind you… SEVERE Traumatic Brain Injury is what I incurred, It’s what’s I’ve made to deal with me, and since everything’s a choice I choose to see it as a blessing.

What continually irked me was the word “NO” or “NOT”, you have to remember mentally I was about nine stuck in the body of the twenty-five-year-old. And of course the friends and therapists treated me as if I was made of crystal, not wanting to be the one who broke me pretty much gave me everything I asked for.
So there I was still brand-new in my mind’s eye, not really understanding in detail even what I had lived through. With my mother and grandmother treating me as if they were just glad I was alive.

Exercise, exercise, and exercise, even when your standing still. The memory of how many sit-ups I used to do stays foreign to me. Let’s say about twenty to start but now around one hundred, more not less.  The notion that everybody’s unique is the truth but I am far from a doctor, that being said do what he or she has told you.

There are other “exercises” that I made up, seeing that my world did not include a gym. I guess it could have, but the amount of time and money it would have taken… So, when not at my “Home away from home”, HealthSOUTH, I used adaptations of the exercises gotten there to make my world a gym.

There are other “exercises” that I made up:

The first one is in a sense a game, depending on who you are and your view of the situation. It’s DOORMAN! All you need is a well-trafficked doorway. Seeing that, it was told me by my therapist, the honorable Mrs Leigh Sato. That if I was ever to hope to walk again I should spend a minimum of an hour and a half on my feet. Which were ok six days but the seventh being Sunday was far harder than easy seeing we spent the whole day in town.


Blarnes and Knoble doorway.

After Church, she would go to “Blarnes and Scloble”. On nearer to the date of, August 31, 2007. I, still dealing with a case of double vision and reading giving me a headache, would use my wheelchair as a walker of sorts. It must have been a scene, a boy with clearly something wrong, pushing an empty wheelchair up the sidewalk. From Barnes and Noble down to the road at the end of the shopping center. But did I care, NO.

So after successfully doing that would return to the place of business. Then after checking in with her, I would post-up out at the doorway and begin “playing doorman.

Trying the single limb stance, since my right side was paralyzed and the right leg was in need


I always was a person who loved fun. Since my accident flipped my script, so has my definition of what’s fun changed. Simply because “fun” is all up to a person’s definition.


A random doorway, I bleeped the name while because it can be any doorway just as long as people go in and out of it more often than not.


The doorway only to be known as the place where I came up with the game doorman. The game of “doorman” ended up being played at every place of business that would put up with me. Of course, this took some repeated warnings but seeing that no customers complained. And in fact, business started booming to a certain degree. The game of doorman, a game I made up, dictates that you have to welcome and say farewell every customer to whatever business you’re playing the doorman.

Another of my steps to stepping I incorporated a job that relieved my mother. That was vacuuming you see in the beginning I would wheel my wheelchair to the room I was gonna vacuum. Then put on the break and use the vacuum as a rolling cane, of sorts.

Vacuum cord
Vacuum cord.Pulling out and putting back the cord on the vacuum was hard at first but little by little, time after time, it became easier.


Before and after vacuuming, I would unravel and ravel the cord in a figure eight pattern.
Before and after vacuuming, I would unravel and ravel the cord in a figure eight pattern.

In all three of the stances below it was told me to, clasping my hands together in club form. In the beginning moving them straight up and down from above your head to below your waist. Then, later on, my favorite therapist the world, Leigh Sato changed my foot placement up to placing my right foot forward for 10 arm movements then my left foot forward for 10 arm movements.

Right foot base

Your right foot is underneath you while your left is forward as if you are walking.

Left foot base

Now your left foot is the base with you right one stride up.

Narrow base of support

This is a narrow base of support. At first to begin it was told me to space my feet about the distance of my shoulders. Even back in 2011, I could not stand in this stance. It, being a narrow base of support, is a good deal harder than easy and once told me not to do in therapy but I didn’t listen? No…


Standing my left on its tippy-toes.

This is an exercise I made up, using my purty’lil head. Once I began walking the job wasn’t over, my balance was still in the beginning stage. Since it was my right foot that was hurt and the more weight it was made to bear the better it got I made this up. Taking the amount of weight borne by my left foot and transferring it to my right by standing my left on its tippy-toes. This exercise began to be done everywhere I would go, especially while waiting in line. The idea that other people may be looking at me did not seem to matter, it all is what it is.

inclineOffhand, or on, the angles escape my head. There are three between the parking and the second story entrance of my church. Starting out from scratch walking on a flat floor was just next to impossible, but with God leading nothing is.



The four steps at my house
The four steps at my house

The biggest arch-enemy to myself, to my situation, was a set of steps. On my day of freedom, the day when I was released from the hospital. A family friend, Clayton Holmes, carried me into my home up these four stairs and into my house.


The biggest step involves AlmostEDEN with its daily tending. Which daily works on my fine motor skills with its picking of fruits and weeds.



Weight exercise

Since it was told me by Leigh Sato, my physical therapist. That I would receive the most healing by placing the maximum amount of weight through my right leg, this exercise came to my purty’lil head while outside working with the pitchfork.
First I would just stand with the pitchfork, then my mind’s eye kept on working on the exercise. And in time, I began to swing my left leg making my  right leg’s balance better.

Fall, do not!

Originally we placed logs to hold down the cardboard, then later since my mind makes everything into a game, I just began seeing if I could make it to the other side without falling.

IMG_2623The lawnmower is another good tool which comes out normally during the warm seasons. Though an automatic lawnmower would be fun, I chose a manual one for multiple reasons. First and most importantly of all the manual one is less expensive and secondly pushing a lawnmower works your leg muscles.

Even before I could safely walk on my own two feet, mowing the yard became a chore I love. Though it’s simply not good, even bad to lust, I lusted after it.

woodexerAnother chore that is on my steps 2 stepping is carrying wood. I know this seems as though will be a menial chore but seeing that I had just learned to walk again, it was not. Plus walking with a load of wood in your hands is a good deal harder than easy seeing that you have to maintain balance throughout. And to make matters worse the ground was uneven seeing that there were grass, sticks, and clumps of dirt. Lastly there were the four steps and the doorway that seemed to shut itself despite.