Feel free to get in touch with one and/or all of the contacts below. The first is a worker at FUMA, Fork Union Military Academy. Steve Feden, a good friend of mine, is the shepherd of many heads. Mr. Small was my high school drama teacher and is another good friend of mine. Mrs. Ragland is the leader of a brain injury support team I’m involved with. Dr. Harold Bare, a devout man of God and yet another good friend of mine, leads my church in Charlottesville, Virginia. Pastor Doug Adams a leader of another church and the opposite of an enemy. And lastly, but not least, Ms. Terrie Wood another teacher at the high school and good friend of mine.


Warren McIvor (

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Dr. Harold Bare (434-953-9065,

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Pastor Doug Adams (434) 581-9982  (


Seeing that I have what is known as a severe traumatic brain injury, I have made way more than one mistake. But at the same time all those mistakes, minus the ones that weren’t, had someone “purposely” egging me on. You see I am not smart, but I am far smarter than not. It may have been one friend or it may have been all bunch of them. Working as little gremlins to mess my situation up, working under the line known as jealousy. And not being truthful with themselves they said and did things that wouldn’t work in my favor.