Care or NOT

My guess is the term “millennial” could and/or should be used to describe me seeing that my birth occurred in the early 80’s. It was on an ever so hot day and to be exact the 24th of August, of the year 1982. My memory of the day is far more than ill closer to NOT, seeing that there is only one being that remembers their own birth… Memory is both the easiest thing to forget and the hardest thing to lose, well for me at least seeing that everyone is different.

My re-beginning was not the second time in the least, it’s going to be a good deal harder than easy remembering in detail my early days because of my actions starting late in my teens and lasting for as long as they did. Memory was in a sense “reset” on 19 of May in the year 2007 for you see though spotty. It tells me that if they think I like to play games now, they don’t even know. Making a life into games was the way I had chosen to “tackle” my situation after realizing that not many had succeeded in doing what I was attempting. Altogether my life has been a fair deal wilder than tame but, that all rests on what your definitions of “wild” and “tame” may be. My re-beginning turned out not to be the second time for my life has been a good deal wilder than tame.

Mother turned out to be a wild young lady who at the age of 25 had moved down here from New Jersey four years prior to my birth. Back towards the first of those four, she became enamored of the gentleman who turned out with the title. Father, who went by the name Melvin Tibbs, a 29-year-old. Not much past all that is known about their situation due to the injury. Starting out a deal fresher than, my birth occurred on the 24th of August. It was in the year 1982, so the air was hot, humid, and altogether heavy.

Being born and raised for the first year and so of my life in Charlottesville, Virginia. My mother and I moved out to the woods, seeing that my mother and father were having problems it was what it was. Anyway her mother, my grandmother Marie Clowater, or mama as I know her, had moved down from Eastern Canada with my mother.

Now, this must be stated, everything that took place before my accident, it was. Regardless of what you hear I grew in the woods of Fluvanna County, but say there I think not. Instead, from what I remember Fluvanna was used as a home base of sorts, a place where I could wind down. Also if memory works it was where a far BETTERthanBAD friend, Tommy Lee Holland,  and I would go on “benders”.

Had to forgive myself and learn from my mistake. Although I must have told him or invited to Church, the old time saying forever rings in my head, “Actions speak louder than words.”

Tommy Lee Holland

That boy loved to hunt, just the same hunted to love. Missing that boy merely grows by the second, not lessens.

The world was against him and he it, the problem was… He ain’t give a shit.

Tommy Lee Holland: obituary

April 12, 1984 – September 02, 2013





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