The beginnings… Adrenaline.


It was told me that at about seven years old I went with my mother and a friend to Mexico, crossing the border they refused to give us tourist visas. So we spent two weeks without them, which was a feat in itself, then to make our way back across the border. We befriended two fellow foreigners and at the point of crossing back into America, those two visas were handed to the officer on duty. Then because the air was unbelievably hot and muggy the officers waved us on without matching up the faces with the ones on the visas. Obviously, we were not even about to complain, just kept on gettin’ it.

Over my younger years my mother and I have traipsed acrossed Eastern Mexico five times. All during the summer, normally during my summer vacation. I didn’t realize this at the time, but my mother gave me more than life. Wait a minute… She did give me life, but she actually gave me far, far more than and for that I love her. And not with the four letter word kinda’ “love”, because anyone can do that.


Holla at me.

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