Alpha AO1Omega



If you woke up this morn, the minute. Before anything is done, and before the world’s many trivial distractions take hold. Thanks >should< be given to their Beginning and End, A L P H A and O M E G A. The Greek letters Alpha and Omega are used to represent the Beginning and End. Furthermore. G O D the F A T H E R, G O D the S O N and the Holy Ghost, all three in one are everyones A L P H A and O M E G A. The more you know.

It was H E that created it ALL, nothing would even have the free-will to choose whether they’re going to put all their “eggs” in H I S basket or not. There was not anything here before H I M, nothing goes on without H I S will be fulfilled, and H E ALONE holds where we have chosen to spend the longer portion of our lives.

The response, “Gosh, he must have never…”, rings ever so loudly in my mind’s eye. To which I respond, do not even begin to flap your lips. Even in a metaphorical sense seeing that this is merely a form of reality being an internet blog. All that can be done is you find yourself faced with TWO choices.

Either you do as I suggest… Or NOT. Everything’s a CHOICE or has one involved with.

True Peace is the ONLY way to survive seeing that He is everyones BEGINNING and END. I REFUSE to give those false gods, rather choose to call them as is seen. The work is the unmistakable handi-” of demons.

                             True Peace

                     can ONLY be found in

            Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace



Holla at me.

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