LATE but not, NOT…

¶This May 19, 2017, will go down in history as the beginning of the tenth year so I will be in a sense ten years old but in others going on ITS thirty-fifth year. Seeing that my memory changes from day to day, but not all, my mind is kind of random. Let’s just say… Life is interesting, far more interesting than NOT.

The ONE thing, the thing that keeps me trucking… in a sense seeing that I do not drive a truck. Is peace and that is the answer to all the world problems. But not just any peace will do for you see the peace of this world will only last for a season. Seasons last for an undetermined amount of time, maybe a minute, a week, a month, to a… But the True Peace which is ONLY available through Jesus Christ is ALL you need.

I woke up today my mother had this playing, I heard this and listen to Marco Rubio. After hearing this I knew I had to find a clip and put it on this blog because those words he stated said it better than any man could, must’ve been Holy Ghost inspired.

Marco Rubio talking about the peace of Jesus Christ

More Rubio

Jesus Christ’s True Peace is why he lost, and yet why he’ll win in the end.





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