JUST and UN-


The rain it is said, as it does, falls on the just and the unjust. So walking round my garden this morning, inspecting, it began to rain. Those two words wormed their way into my purty little head. Just and Unjust.

You cannot call me a finger pointer because I don’t, Jesus Christ relieves you of such pointless action. In my book which is as far as I’m concerned the book only God is Good, everyone else some degree BETTERthanBAD.

The degree of BETTERthanBAD you are matters not. What does though is whether or not Jesus Christ is at the helm of your ship, the King of your castle. It’s not hard, all that’s necessary is you have to change your actions and ask Him into your world. Out with the bad in with the good, then and only then will your degrees begin to change from bad to better than, I will have a new brother and/or sister, and our nation will begin to heal. For God is. Pure LOVE, nothing but. Love can be found in peace but God’s Peace cannot be found in this world is only available through Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace.


Shoot me an email real nice and private like, but nothin’ in this world is private ‘cept… WayBtB@Gmail.com


Holla at me.

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