Jesus Christ is Everyone’s Prince of Peace. It is there, available and free. It makes FAR more sense to choose Him, to say yes and accept Him into your heart. Than it does to say no and continue dealing with this world by yourself.

The Name of above all names, my beginning, and end for that matter everyone’s beginning and end. We went out shopping for necessities, milk, eggs, and other household items which have become our general habit, our way of life. On top of getting groceries, it gives me a chance to work on my “people skills.”

There is a Food Lion right next to Goodwill in Louisa, Virginia. After Food Lion my mother and grandmother went over to Goodwill to “look”. I, being far slower than quick, meandered my way from point A to. Point A being Food Lion to Goodwill, and upon reaching Goodwill I immediately had to drain the brine off my pickle.

The bathroom was in the back of the store and there was a far darker than light gentleman with two little ones ahead of me. After making sure that he was the only one that was in line in front of me for the bathroom, I posted up behind him.

Immediately, not a second too soon, the toilet flushed and an elderly black gentleman sauntered out. Moving a couple steps closer to relieving myself, I had to begin saying “not yet”, to keep the Goodwill floor I was waiting on still good. Then the flush I was waiting for rung in my ears sounding like watery church bells on Christmas morning, just in time too. Seconds later the door opened, with the gentleman warning of the far worse thing good smell that awaited me.

BUT the smell wasn’t what stopped me in my tracks seeing that just as the children’s book says, “Everybody Poops”. What stopped me was the flippant way the remark came out of his mouth, word for word I would not repeat seeing that it was blasphemous and of course I cannot remember it. Good reason. He blamed my Lord Jesus Crist for that smell, even though he does it.

This action I knew I could not let it pass by but did not feel like starting anything. So even though needing to use the bathroom I called back to him as he walked away. He turned around and looked towards me, and I said. “He is your, everyones’, Beginning and End so if you are going to talk in those words, keep his name out of your mouth.” Although the actual word for wordage has long since been eradicated from my banks, those mean the same as stated.

Immediately after I finished saying this to him, he straightened up taken aback and for the life of me, I do not know what his words were. They were not bad though because as far as I’m concerned I simply did the Lord’s will. So we parted ways, I gave him my card with my name, email, and blog on it. Told him to get in touch with me, regardless the situation whether it be good or bad. And, most importantly, to consider me a friend.



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