BETTERthanBAD… the opposite.

Everything… Every single thing minus what is not of course can be measured by degree, at least in human terms. There are only two sides of the road in heavenly terms, I cannot, will not, refuse to point my finger at anyone and scream sinner. Everyone sins and there’s no time to get caught up pointing finger at one another when you do it yourself.

Everyone sins… That’s where most people put the period and continue with the day, normally sinning more. It was told us in Romans 3:23, those of you who want to read click and read on.

The answer lies in Jesus Christ the beginning and the end, asking Him to cleanse you of those sins. Do not bother being sneaky because He sees everything, He saw everything when it was done so there’s no point in lying. He’s the Alpha and Omega, meaning the First and the Last and the Prince of Peace. His Peace will make it so that you don’t need any of the world’s peace.


<CLICK>FULL Chapter of Romans<CLICK>


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