Have looked at so many different web pages telling too many different things, I did. What is seen brings momentary fear to heart with, “the world going to end…” Nonsense. But, in all reality, this is not true seeing that the world will never end, my God, it’s creator, will not let destruction happened to it again.
The creatures inhabiting the world He created now that is a different story. Which brings me to the “reason for the season”. You are free to believe whatever is dished that tickles your fancy, but fast-forward to the end. Not whatever you would like that end to be but the REAL END. If my God is not there, someone has been lying to you or you have been lying to yourself. It’s all good though we as humans are used to lying to ourselves and each other.
Light work for Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, the Prince of Peace.



Holla at me.

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