Feelings don’t go by them, just pause for a sec. consider and pray, then nod and smile.

My situation is unique at the same time I’m no different than anyone else, minus of course for the ones of the opposite color and sex than I. It was maybe a year into my situation after repeatedly noticing how people working under the age-old rules of group mentality, singled me out and placed me into the group labeled disabled. Despite my having just next to no problems on face value, “just next to” is the keyword because I did and do have a severe traumatic brain injury.

Let’s go to school for a second, two or three now why don’t we. Moderate brain injury is defined as a brain injury resulting in a loss of consciousness from 20 minutes to 6 hours and a Glasgow Coma Scale of 9 to 12. Severe brain injury is defined as a brain injury resulting in a loss of consciousness of greater than 6 hours and a Glasgow Coma Scale of 3 to 8. Like I was saying my situation is unique because the length of a person’s coma defines the severity of it and the doctors saw fit to keep me in a coma state for around a week and a half. That’s a good deal greater than six hours my brain injury, which is of the severe traumatic sort. Blood pressure, intracranial pressure, and heart rate all three things that can be controlled by drugs but are far better controlled by God.

Why title this, “FEELING”? There is right and there is wrong, feelings, if relied on, will have you jumping back and forth just as a chicken does minus its head. Though I cannot go by feelings as I ended up doing before my accident and as the world does now, feelings find their way into my mind’s eye no matter how vigilant I am. My old enjoyment was hanging ’round people who loved to “escape” reality, normally done with feeling altering substances, but since my God “relieved” myself of that situation. In His great wisdom, He temporarily negated my ability to feel. Why I know not but Him being the Creator and me the created who am I to say. Depending on the situation just pick myself up, nod and smile.


Holla at me.

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