Last Monday, after hearing the news, I  did not know what to say, hear, nor see.


My BFAM,  brother from another mother,  but was as wild as can be.


I know not,  but I had his back. Even when I suspected he may be wrong   


Seldom, were the times we would fight, when we did it was over in seconds, about three.  


He was at times angry, but next to never at me, except for when he was of course.


I still felt as if something must be done, a feeling of it being rather mandatory.


It was but once there being  between us no rivaLRy


From about ninth grade we’ve been like brothers,


I couldn’t let his book just get closed and locked away with a key.


While sitting at my computer ever so confused, a notion came to my head.


As most things happen nowadays, it came rather randomly.


The ONLY thing that helped keep my head up,


It’s gotta help you if it helped me…
The notion I just spoke of, is the rock song about Byrds comin’ free.

The above was written back when it was written for my man Tommy Lee Holland, he and I were both wilder than tame.


Holla at me.

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