…I HAVE BEEN So SINCE I CAN LAST REMEMBER, to some degree despite the severity of my lacking in the memory department and due to the research in regaining of such. I have found out that my being one with a “yearning” nature has been evident since the age of seven. Probably even before because it is not as if you are one way, you lay down to sleep, and then you wake with another way coursing through your brain.

What I have learned\suppose\suspect is that from what I remember… plus what has been told me of my actions from both before and after the injury. Seeing that a brain injury works as a magnifying glass but unlike normal magnifying glasses that just magnify. It has the ability to selectively randomly magnify or shrink traits. That being said my addiction to adrenaline, a God-given drug, was magnified.

Now you must be saying to yourself, well now the A word. “Addiction.” Isn’t that a bad thing? Yes, in most cases like the ones where a person chooses a drug over something important, say a girlfriend, wife or a loved one.Those, plus others, would be cases where drugs could carry the label BAD but in this case. It would show itself to be the opposite reason… not good, but necessary.

Now remember every little thing that I went through just out of the hospital, I do not. Anti-seizure meds rightfully so, seeing that “They” had me on a whole plethora of medications. Most of which did a whole bunch of nothing, I mean ex- that out. Every drug given me in the hospital was important, even the drugs that weren’t given me. Those drugs turned out to be the BEST drugs.




Holla at me.

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