Despite my mind’s eye acting up every chance it gets. Besides the inability to run, and my LACKING in the good ol’ memory department. It is my reasoning that my outcome is far BETTERthanBAD, actually, those three words have been playing incessantly on the endless river flowing between my ears.

Though my “river” still flows, specific memories do not. All my memory of life before is as holey as a chunk of swiss, far holier than not. Most everything has been reduced to bland muted colors instead of specifics, and the thing missed more than it really is. Are my emotions, despite 3 and a half months in the hospital. The number of actual tears couldn’t be much more than two.
I have a memory of you, pre-AND-post. Pre- Of a girl, far smaller than big, my sidekick, a partner in crime. Then Post- just a grit as you eye me through slit eyes. Why? For the longest time, years, my mind was blank. Then I…