G.ood E.nough D.iploma

I never passed high school, dropping out in my twelfth grade year. But made sure to get my good enough diploma, my GED, so as to the normal persons eye I did pass. I did not necessarily need to tell you all that business but thought it important to what I say. My momma aint raise no dummy. I got my GED so I can still look someone in the eye or tell an employer that I passed High school. You cannot even imagine how much I wish I could travel back in time and smack some sense into  young\old me. But there’s no sense in sitting around wishing and/or hoping. It was early on in my recovery, but a lot later than I should have, that I learned. There is no change, no moving forward, involved in sitting around, wishing, and hoping for the best outcome possible.           That is the reason I am speaking today, to  Now the One, God,  foreknew that I was going to get in that accident, He saw it fitting to heal me, and He foreknew that one day I would be here talking to you. More likely than not, you will get the chance to make a difference and thinking back to right here, right now everything that I say, that difference you will make. Drinking beer and smoking pot are fun in the sense that they are a distraction, distracting the user from reality. That’s why they’re used so commonly.  Society, meaning what was fed into our young bitty minds, was and is harder than easy. The severity of this traumatic brain injury I acquired while driving home from a fellow’s house according to reality is “SEVERE“.


Holla at me.

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