Right or Left… Don’t look…

… But put one foot in front of the other and keep on keepin’ on. I am simple and am fine with that, but starting I was far simpler than I am now.
Thinking more about myself than everyone else, rightfully so, I took and am still taking care of my physical and mental rehabilitation. Of course,
just as this beloved nation, I was suckered into the world. But I woke up today, just as every other day since May 19, 2007, and thought to myself
another day, another chance. After watching one of the Democratic and Republican debates each and giving one more chance to each party, my general
suspicion was reinforced. Being a fellow who never was much on politics my thinking has changed due to my accident but not that much. The Left was
naturally thinking about themselves, and unfortunately, the Right was falling into the general trap. Now the answer which came to me early on in my
situation at face value does not even sound as if it “hits the nail on the head” has repeated itself almost incessantly. It was, “The answer lies in
the beginning and the end”.


Holla at me.

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