I am NOT telling you to do anything on this blog. Life is chock full of CHOICES. With the MASS of people who knew of me, the well-known fact of people thinking I and them were far closer than not and that they know the REAL truth. Believe them or not, the CHOICE is up to you.

Before going any further I M U S T both welcome and warn you. There’s no need to throw a “tiffy”, getting your undergarments in a knot. For happy(whatever day it may be), welcome to this blog. By reading this whole blog, if done with no half-assery involved and you put to work some ways I have described. Then you will see True Change, for better not for worse. Don’t give up…

15 - 1

My GYM is the world…<<<<<<<<<<P E A C E>>>>>>>>>>…And my world a GYM


Holla at me.

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