Instead of…

Even before my accident, being an only child, every place I went became an almost home. Every place that has graced me by allowing me entrance, and if I have found it to be a BETTERthanBAD place, I have tried to make it one of my homes away from home. Now people may have taken advantage of that, seeing my tumultuous  relationship between my mother and me, but everything will be straightened in the end. From what has been told me and what I remember. This is yet another trait that didn’t change.

Now seeing that I woke up not remembering anything in HealthSouth rehabilitation Hospital that to became one of my homes. For that matter, it was my home for about 3 1/2 months give or take a week, primarily give. Since then it has been the fake-ass surrogate mother I’ve never had, I absolutely love that place but at the same time they are entirely too scared of getting sued. It seems that people nowadays go throughout life constantly fearing that if they say or do the wrong thing they will be sued and I fear that this is not far from the truth.

Instead of concentrating on their God-given gifts to make money, they are looking for an easy way to get rich. You see the same people that are looking to get healed and then suing if they get hurt in the process are shooting themselves in the foot, figuratively speaking.

I don’t even know what made me think of this, but I thank God for the mindset. Instead of following their low-risk advice given to me, I followed the example of professional athletes, in which they would train and conditions of which were far worse than those they compete under. I did this by letting my wheelchair and my rolling can stay where they stood and proceeded to water the garden on foot display being told by “professionals” that it wasn’t a good idea to walk on uneven surfaces… Every chance I got to walk without the CANE I pounced upon it like a black panther on the scent of blood.


Holla at me.

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