15 Dangers of Self-Pity

Source: 15 Dangers of Self-Pity

My solution may not sound as if it addresses ALL the world’s problems, but it DOES, the answer I speak of is Peace. Not just any peace either, not as the world gives, but True Peace can only be found in the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. I just said a prayer for your husband, if he does not have the peace that only the Prince of can provide, MAKE SURE it is offered him. Trust me it was far longer than short, but I am standing after living through a collision between the car I was driving and a cedar tree. Since I was not wearing my seat belt, thinking myself to be far smarter than not. Cedar being far harder than soft wood when it came into the passenger side of my vehicle it collided with my head directly. At some speed well over 65 mph and BLESSED me with this Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. You may be wondering, “Why does he refer to an injury of that severity as a blessing, not a curse?” To which I would respond, I do not exactly know why bad things happen. Besides this is a fallen world in need of Peace, not as the world gives, which can ONLY be found in Jesus Christ The Prince of Peace. But I am warned so I warn you and anyone reading this, He is called the Stumbling Block for a reason.
So why does He refer to Himself as the Stumbling Block? I do not know, nor do I profess to have all the answers. Just always remember, never forgetting, Peace. Peace is as peace does. And True peace can ONLY be found in the Prince of… The memory of my mentally shrugging off my shoulders at the mention of His name. The installation of filters to prevent future cases return to me. But that is partly why I was saved, the amount of people I know and knew. Or at least partly, the biggest part is love. Now the knowledge that people die all the time that know far more people than me remains far more evident than not. Which is why the keyword “partly” was included two sentences ago. His pure love not as the worlds’ is not something I even understand, but that’s where faith comes to play. As most people my age, younger and older. What’s gonna happen tomorrow is vividly important. Then as you fast-forward the answer to the question, “Do you have the end of your life right?” it gets vaguer and vaguer.
Even though I do not remember them distinctly, my mother assured me that at a young age I had accepted Jesus into my heart. But over the years, me getting older and my choice of friends, I kept on flailing aimlessly instead of walking with Him.
With my second chance, I’ve become obsessed with what the world wants and needs. Peace. Every situation, every problem, no matter how big or small, can be solved through peace. If anyone wants True Peace, not as the world gives for their peace is fake. The ONLY place to get it is in the Prince of Peace. That’s where I find it. Never-beginning or ending always has been and always will be.You would make…
JMC a.k.a. THEJessTER


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