… Is what it is.
Select descriptive words come before the initials: TBI which stands for traumatic brain injury, “MILD, MODERATE, or SEVERE”. The impact of a brain injury depends on the following conditions:

Mine had the label severe placed on it because I was in a coma for

Many factors go into the completeness, almost too many to count, so I can only say that my recovery was and is way better than bad.

Let’s see, in my situation everything was affected. The injury which occurred to the left side of my brain deemed that the right side of my whole right side was paralyzed. My head came into direct contact with the cedar tree, including all of the minor injuries due to the car accident. I could not walk for days less than four and a half years. My feelings were affected to where I suffer from emotional blindness.
Meaning of dysfunction to the individual:
All thanks to the resources available to aid recovery which were far better than bad Areas of function not affected by TBI
On first being released from the hospital, thinking more 2-D than not. I took everyone at their word when saying they were my friend and they were happy of me being alive. And if they thought ill of me, which I thought no one could, which no one said they did so I took them at their word. This was the first of many mistakes, thinking everyone had my own best intentions at mind. All are what they are no more no less.
The hospital itself is a preschool of sorts full of baby talk, wide-eyed head nodding, and other patronizing actions. Now everything I know, minus that which I have yet to learn, I know because of God’s mercy. For the first undetermined amount of time, believe it was about two and a half to three weeks, I spent in the Charlottesville-UVA emergency.
From the emergency room, they moved me to the normal UVA Hospital. Far less extreme but extreme just the same, with almost everyone working looks overworked.
So I have God to thank, to which you may be thinking, “how rude of him to be thanking God while there are hundreds of people who played their part in his recovery”. I would respectfully respond, there are way too many people to physically go through the list thank them all. Anyway, God is everyone’s beginning and end, that being said He is everyone’s Father whether they believe so or not. So in that sense, I am thanking everybody by thanking Him.


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