Doctors classify traumatic brain injury as mild, moderate or severe, depending on whether the injury causes unconsciousness, how long unconsciousness lasts and the severity of symptoms. Although most traumatic brain injuries are classified as mild because they’re not life-threatening, even a mild traumatic brain injury can have serious and long-lasting effects. Mine was deemed severe due to the mass amount of time I was unconscious.

At first meet, if they’ve been forewarned of my having a TBI, people will naturally act strange, moving with jerky movements. Mentally strafing as if in a gunfight with some unseen assailant. This is one of the thousands of emotions that show themselves, usually due to things they heard or what they’ve been taught pertaining to brain injury. The brain is one of the most precious parts of the body, controlling the numerous jobs. Working as the body’s main computer making sure the blood, the body’s transmission fluid, flows to and from many different parts.


Holla at me.

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