Hate… Hate NOT

Everybody. Big or little, male or female, black, white, yellow, red, or green. Christian, Jew, Atheist, Muslim, or Gay or straight. Whatever your choice is, it is. I was not saved from my car accident to point my finger in hatred, so I do not. I have a love for you all. Just as God does, but God’s love is truer than mine. For I am merely a mortal human, a more faithful servant than not. I was spared to tell everyone that Jesus is the One way.

What I hope to do by addressing you all is to tell you the Truth. You may as well put down this world’s distractions, be that money, drugs, pleasure, pain, jealousy, pride. The list goes on, seeing that their sole purpose is to distract you from the reason you were born. From paying God the attention, He deserves.



Holla at me.

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