The Stances… …My Feets.

Everything on this page is a culmination of steps, exercises I either had shown to me or made up with my damaged brain.


Far earlier than late in my situation, on back closer to my re-do date of May 19, 2007. My therapist, Myleigh, told me that I had to spend an hour and a half every day if I was to walk again. My mother  has been stopping for a Sclarblucks coffee, even before she started to. Has been taking me to church every time she is able to, but making a side trip stopping for coffee before.

Sunday being the day of rest, yet my mindseye would not let me so I didn’t. It was what it was, as it always is. So the hour and a half was split up, between the doorwys of Sclarbucks and the one at Blarnes & Scloble, playing “Doorman”. In where you should first get permission with the manager on duty, then post-up at the doorway and do exactly as a doorman would.  Greet and tell the people to have a nice day.

Blarnes and Knoble doorway.




Right-base modification

The Stance above is, the Pelican Stance.  This stance works by allowing just enough weight to go through my left side, just enough to stay standing. While the majority of my weight went to the hurt side.

Far into my situation, on like in the time when it happened. My Therapist Leigh Sato, or as I choose to refer to her as Myleigh. Kept my hopes up despite the ever so vague traces of hopelessness my “situation” seemed to emit.

In each of the stances below, while maintaining the stance. Clasp your hands together and move then in a diagonal arc from your left hip to above your right shoulder. Then do this from your right hip to above your left shoulder. Do this ten times back and forth each way, the slower the better.

Right foot base
Your right foot is underneath you, while your left is forward as if you are walking.
Narrow base of support
This is a narrow base of support. Even back in 2011 I could not stand in this stance.
Left foot base
Now your left foot is the base with you right one stride up.



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