Way BETTERthanBAD. It started out as “better than bad”, a response to the hospital staff that seemed to bring a smile to my face and their face also. Got from a memory that popped up while I was still in the hospital. Me, my cousin James Clowater, and a show we used to watch, “The Ren and Stimpy Show”. I should first tell you why and/or how Way Better-than-Bad came to be the banner that describes my injury, so let’s get the ball rolling. Those four words have been playing constantly in the back of my head. Working as my very own motivator on my path of recovery. Originally starting out as a random memory in a hurt twenty-five-year-olds head.

There I was a young man in his mid-twenties waking to find himself lying on his back in the hospital. Though my mind’s eye did not focus on it, those three words began repeating themselves in the back of my skull. Although many things felt strange, not “bad” but some degree “better than”. For that matter, the definition for what’s painful to one might be considered just a scratch to another. So that being said how was I supposed to answer the near constant question, “How I was doing?” Asked at any given moment asked by every doctor, nurse, family member, and visitor. Whenever someone entered or exited. Though each meant the best by asking, the circumstances, I couldn’t walk, barely talk, couldn’t eat, and was facing a lifetime of dealing with a severe traumatic brain injury. They all screamed anything but “good”, but I did not feel “bad” in the least bit, seeing that I was alive.

After mulling this question over for what seemed like two weeks but was more like a month. (Because time is weird) My broken head lighted on a particular TV show I used to watch with my cousin James called “Ren & Stimpy”. And on this show they had a particular Log song that goes, “It’s Log, Log, it’s big, it’s heavy, it’s wood. It’s Log, Log, it’s better than bad, it’s good!” Well I dropped the whole nonsense pertaining to being good, “it’s good” from the end, and replied, “Better than bad” to every question of how I felt. I placed “Way” in front simply for drama’s sake. Later I made my Email reflect that by placing WayBTB front part of the email to read: “WayBTB@Gmail.com”


Holla at me.

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