Things learned…

 FIRST and FOREMOST… Get the end of your life straight for no one knows when their last second will be, only God does
– Don’t drink and drive. The world will tell you, “do what you want”, and while you do have the freedom, with actions come consequences. So drink responsibly for that matter… I know that all depends on what your definition of responsible drinking is.

-. The world is chock-full of distractions, distracting the person in question from achieving his or her end goal. You always have to weigh your actions against your end goal.

-. Everything rests on a person’s definition, minus that which is what it is.

-. Nobody is normal. What? It comes to me that the word “unusual” means nothing for everyone is unusual, seeing that there is no usual. So the word “unusual” falls under the label “group mentality”, separating people into like groups and pointing out reasons for them to hate on the other.

-. Unless people learn to accept differences, learn from the ones that are to take the country the way it should go discarding the filth, there is no way this country will move forward.

-. Expect the worst but hope for the best… If you do this you, will never be disappointed.

-. Always check sources. Believe people just as far… Never give up and always have a plan B.

-. Hold on to your friends, you have to have true friends… Not FB, that is not true…

-. Only get but so mad at your family. No one will put up with you quite like your family.

-. Everyone wants something and has a breaking point. Please always be more careful than not. Nobody’s normal…


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