1. Letting the haters have power over me.
  2. Believing everybody was my friend.
  3. Ditching my God
  4. Quitting school

There is no such thing as a small sin. On this earth “they” simply love to gauge sin, saying this is BAD while slipping others through under the radar. In fact, they did something far easier than not in sliding their situations along. To criminalize thereby eradicating the word sin. Reasoning that if there is a sin, a bad side in this world, there must be a good side. For all mistakes or sins are some degree bigger than. From what can be told about the situation, God separates sin into three categories, the lust of the eye, lust of the flesh, and pride of life. All forms of sin can be placed under those three. But with bad there has to be good news, and that is the price has already been paid. Now don’t get me wrong there is no such thing as getting out of jail free. Somehow, in some way, the price will be paid while on this earth but there is an end to every hardship. The one answer lies in God’s only Son, the stumbling block, Jesus Christ.


Holla at me.

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