Now it was far easier than hard dealing with my lacking, actually it didn’t even register at first. Something that warranted emotions would happen and I would just be standing there with a glum, confused look on my face. For the most part, exactly 99.5 percent of my hospital stay was uber safe, or that was the way it was presented on the outside. Everything of life outside the hospital was not in my memory banks and for the first season of my situation was spent not thinking, just doing.

There were many things wrong with what made up my reality at my first wake, seeing that I was simple they were just accepted. Though I do not remember exactly when the nine words came to mean something to myself, seeing that I am slow and the world is entirely too fast, it was what it was. Those nine words are split into two groups, one with four words and the other with five. The four-word group comes out as “way better than bad”, and the five-word group as “it is what it is”.


Holla at me.

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