Before I start luck has absolutely nothing to do with me writing to you now. Everyone is on a path, the choice of which path you’re on lies only in your choice. I am obligated, one of the main reason I lived through my situation was to give anyone and everyone the chance to answer “the question”. Have you chosen where you will spend eternity? The choice is up to you, choose one. Go or stay and listen. Differences are the way we learn, talking to someone who believes differently than you. That’s why this group mentality will never work grouping people into like groups then teaching them to hate the other groups believes they too are doing the right thing. But if you have right there must be a wrong I am not going to say that everything was done right in history because you and I both know that, that is not true. My God made this country great, not government. It is just that I would see it an injustice to tell you all that happened to me and leave out the Key Player. Jesus Christ.

t would be just like a fellow Player passing you the ball and letting you make the final goal winning the soccer game. But afterward you, neglecting to give your Friend the glory, strutting your stuff around sucking up all the praise.

Now that wouldn’t be right, would it?…

I thought as much.


Holla at me.

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