The notions that there are times to heal are half right as are the most common of the lies. How can it be half right and lie? You tell me for I do not know, being a gentleman that has undergone way too much in way too little time. To begin the scale below is used to “gauge” the severity of the brain injury. Although I do not distinctly remember my score it was low on around the three level.

From birth, we are lied to saying the world is “good”, which is a half-truth. Now, as with mathematics, any size positive, when combined with a negative, becomes negative. So goes the “half-truths”, if a lie is mixed with truth a lie is born, but unlike a bare-faced lie. The lie becomes far more dangerous than previous. Now some may be asking, “How can something deemed to be bad, such as a lie, become worse?” Responding I say, “It becomes worse because when combined with truth, it gains the ability to trick Godfearing people”



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