The skull, which encloses the brain, works as a protective covering for it. The brain is made of neurons, nerve cells, which form tracks that route throughout the brain. Tracks which carry messages working as the body’s mail system. So really the brain is the body’s main computer. Each part linking with other parts to control our body’s systems like a taste, smell, and touch. Even mild injuries to the brain can be harmful, disrupting function.
From what is been told me, my injury was exactly as my life before, anything but mild… Actually change the “M” in mild to a W.
Seeing that no one really knows that much about brain injury in general and everyone being different. My choice of following my Maker seems to be the most logical one. The memories from before the accident are full of holes, big pieces are missing. Think of my head was a filing cabinet and every memory a file in. When I, being drunk off moonshine, passed out behind the wheel, my car swerved off the road, and hell-bent on an early-morning interaction with the Cedar tree. The tree, which treated my car as a half opened a can of Pinto beans, came into direct contact with my head. Now I was not thrown from the car, despite my lacking in the seat-belt department, but I will remember that “tree-ting”, tree meeting, even though I cannot remember the day. For that matter my life before and most of my life after is in a fog. I remember, just not distinctly, praying to my Father asking Him to only let me remember what would prove useful to me in the future. A therapist said it best when he said, picture Jesse’s memories as files and his head as a filing cabinet. Even though his head injury was of a closed nature when Jesse’s head came into contact with the cedar tree, files were strewn everywhere, in a metaphorical sense. And the emergency crew came to the scene of the accident they were worried more about saving his life instead of making sure they got all the files. Rightfully so.
Life is harder than easy but… No one ever promises that everything is going to go your way, and if they did you have been lied to. Everything on God’s green earth is by some degree. Only He is good. I am, you are, and he or she is some degree better than bad. You can take that to the bank. I do not know if they’ll be willing to give you money for it, but you can try. It all is what it is. You see as of May 19, 2007, I now serve the one and only Almighty God, ruler, and maker of heaven and earth. Now I know, as most of you can guess, I am not perfect, no one is. If anyone says otherwise, again may I refer you back to the they are lying part of my presentation. That’s okay, though, in the end they will get what they get as will I. Despite what people may say the future is not known by anyone, myself included. Worrying about the past is just a worry. The key to getting our country up out of the hole we have gotten ourselves into is our turning back to the Lord. He is the answer to everything, minus nothing, the answer to it all. I am not nor do I want to have this spiel about politics, but everything pertains indirectly to the government. Don’t get me wrong I know well that there were killing and pain in our past, but the key to making it up lies solely in His hands. For that matter, memory is a vital commodity, that  as of now you cannot buy or replace. Seeing that mine was messed with, and what has been told me of before has been “tampered” with to suit the tellers fancy. Everything you hear should be taken with grains of salt A person in my situation had only two choices. Sink or swim. Now there may be people, know it all’s, that would stop me and say you are wrong. There are 1001 different ways to go. Responding I would simply explain. All your answers, all 1001 of them, though they may temporarily fix my situation, fall into those two categories. Sink or swim. In the long run, looking to my end which everyone has to look forward to, it only makes sense to put it in my Maker’s hands and let the words escape my mouth, it is what it is.
My preparing for this presentation took me to a web page on traumatic brain injury, They use the Glasgow coma scale on which I scored a three, seeing that I was unresponsive. Severe Disability (3-8): Coma: the unconscious state.  No meaningful response, no voluntary activities. There are two levels below mine, persistent that did to the state and brain-dead. I was transported from the scene of the accident, Pantops mountain, to University of Virginia medical hospital or UMA. My accident happened at the best point in time. 50 years in the past, I would’ve died. And who knows with the complete lack of care given to life, if they would even fight to keep me alive 50 years in the future.
Since the amount of time the patient loses consciousness dictates the severity of the injury, mild and moderate less than 30 minutes and severe longer than 30, mine will go down in the books as severe. And memory loss happens if this goal was penetrated or if the person stays down for longer than 24 hours. That being stated and the facts say that I was down for around 6. Knowing that it is not strange my only being able to remember spots, pieces of my past. For example, going throughout my day, I may remember 10 things that were said to me throughout the day but will not remember two. A therapist said it best when he said, “Picture Jesse’s head as a file cabinet and all his memories as files in. When his head came into contact with the Cedar tree, despite his injury being closed, files were thrown all over the road. When the emergency crew arrived there were more concerned about his well-being than retrieving all the files.
Although my physical body was practically unscathed, besides a cut all my right wrist, my second belly button, and my whole right side was paralyzed. Also, it left me unable to walk for just under five years. I do not remember this part, but it did happen because I have the pieces, memories, left in my head. What I am forced, at metaphorical gunpoint, to learn to deal with runs in a long list. I shall go through the list rearranging them from hardest to easiest. Perseveration, distractibility, and impulsiveness are three of the long list of traits that come with having a brain injury. Thanks to modern day electronics I now know what perseveration means. Perseveration is the tendency for a memory or idea to persist or recur without any apparent stimulus for it. Then we have distractibility and impulsivity that cover a wide range of things.
Executive function is a set of mental processes that helps connect past experience with present action. People use it to perform activities such as planning, organizing, strategizing, paying attention to and remembering details, and managing time and space. I know there were 10 functions, all having to do with the brain, were all affected by my run-in with that cedar tree. By the world’s standards, my accident and injury were bad but my God, through Jesus Christ His son, made it way better than.

Holla at me.

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