The BIG problem why…

On back towards the beginning of my situation, having become weary of
dealing with the “helping profession” being uber scared of anyone falling.
My mind’s eye happened on the older reality of the Olympic athletes and the way
they trained, so I began taking notes. Mental notes, then applying them to
reality, to my real world occurrences. Olympic athletes sometimes train
under worse conditions than those that they would be up against in the
actual Olympics. Though my brain has long since done away with the
specifics, let the proof be found in the pudding, I walk. But seeing that
saying a person does something to (perfection) is a false truth and since
everything in life is a choice, I choose to refer to it as I walk better
than bad. Not perfectly for I did eat a cedar tree at high speeds, quite
literally taking it directly to the head.


Holla at me.

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