To begin, there is no way around it, it’s good to be alive. What I’m doing in writing this blog is nothing wild and spectacular, fame or fortune want I not. All that is yearned for is for people to wake up and notice the beauty around them. From the get-go, being well into the third-person mentality stage of my situation in where everything is done by whim. It is not as a file know of any other cases where the patient in question shows signs of the third-person mentality. For that matter, what were the signs, seeing that my injury was three-quarters mental? And only a bitty physical cut on the wrist where I supposedly tried to dampen my head impacting a cedar tree at 85+ miles an hour?

Coming up on the ninth year, this May 19 and by far, seeing that there is always someone worse off than you, it can only be labeled some degree better than bad. And the only being that will get props for my mentality is my Creator, the beginning and end of everything, seeing that He was here in both the beginning and will be here in the end. The Alpha and Omega.

From the get-go one of the many words besides way better than bad, the word “opposites” has been plaguing my mind’s eye. In the beginning, all since my re-awakening in the hospital. May 19, 2007, is the day I will never remember but, at the same time, never forget. Kind of like déjà vu but not exactly, seeing that had never been anywhere that suited the likes before.

Among the many things I remember but don’t is the way, some of the doctors look at you as if you are just a random blob of cells. Responding to voice but nothing more and their ever-growing loss of “care” increases inside them. You may say that I am wrong, what you mean by saying the doctors don’t care. But you would be misunderstanding me, I do know that everyone cares to some degree but by the degree meaning everyone’s different.


Holla at me.

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