There may be someone who needs to hear this for everything happens for a reason. I was saved by my Father God for a particular reason. I have yet to yet to find that reason out, but every time I talk it becomes clearer. Maybe this blog will be read and minds will change. Or maybe it will not. It all is what it is.


What I suffer from, there is no direct name for it. But the closest thing I’ve found was called emotional blindness or mind-blindness. Now, before I continue, I must say that I am by far not the worst case just as my injury isn’t the worst but, it is what it is. Now unmentioned people have used this all to their own advantage saying and doing things which I would’ve taken offense, copped an attitude. But my accident and my injury has changed both my mindset and my actions. In some situations seeing the end results instead of the feeling. When something happens someone, to you, a choice arises. On one hand, you can close yourself up, becoming more and more closed to society. Or, on the other hand, you can make amends for wrongdoings in your past, and pick yourself up, moving forward. Peace and/or hello my name is Jesse Clowater and I am the survivor of a car accident that blessed me with a severe traumatic brain injury. As you can see, but you can’t because your reading, I have physical limitations and am not the same person as I was was before my accident. But I still consider myself fortunate and blessed. I have a way better than bad life and have been granted by God a second chance simply tells my story in hopes that someone learns. So even if one person learns out of the mass of people that read this blog, I will consider my doings a success.
Waking up I really did not know what was going on, what had occurred in my reality, the reality, and what I was faced against in my struggle or lack of. I choose to thank God instead of cursing Him for my outcome. The accident that saved my life in more ways than one. Don’t get me wrong everything is not hunky-dory, but who said life was gonna be that way. A night of what seemed like fun with friends turned into many nights in the emergency room of UVA. I prayed early on in my reality to God to only let me remember that which would prove useful to me in the future.
So many options were given, and yet not taking any one of them, I think I became numb, caring but not truly caring. My father, along with my grandfather, was another of the great memories that were stolen from me. My injury was so severe, I don’t remember a host of things, like my dad dying when I


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