And my GYM the WORLD… Memory is a strange thing. Mine is very fleeting at times and overall random. It was said best by a therapist, “Picture Jesse’s memories as files in a filing cabinet and  when his head came into direct contact with the cedar tree. Though his brain injury was closed, files were metaphorically strewn all over the road. Now when the emergency crew found him, instead of picking all of the files up. They chose to save his life by transporting him to the hospital emergency room.” Really, if it wasn’t for my brain injury and the ability it granted me to look past naysayers or haters, I would’ve given up and would not be to the point I am now. Almost everything that’s been done to me can be seen in a good or bad light, as a blessing or curse. I made a BIG mistake when first being released from the hospital, thinking everyone had my best interests in mind. But then, after way longer than short, I died to myself. You’d think that after going through what I went through that that would be enough but… It is what it is, I turned my minds eye to taking notes on the exercises I had both altered or made up. During the four and a half years between my accident and when I could walk. From the get go, although I do


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