Faced with life screaming “you can’t do it”, escalating from the 19 of May till now and passing in the earhole and out the other. While the message  received visually is nothing but thumbs up. It became confusing, receiving conflicting messages, telling you to both go and stop. It is impossible to take the world on yourself. You can try but when you fail and find yourself in need of help.  Then turn to the cross. With Jesus as your friend, as long as it is in His will, you’re unstoppable.
This is the first “POW” or place of work. Where some of my steps-to-stepping were given me. In the beginning, I could not walk so the exercise room was chock full of no-no machinery. I could not even begin  to commandeer an exercise bike, although this room was located in HealthSouth. I, being located on the third floor, never saw it till I was released on August 31, 2007. A room full of hopes, dreams, and potential.

Holla at me.

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