May 19, 2007. The day…

…I will never remember, but refuse to ever forget. Cannot. It was imprinted on the back of my eyelids playing in an endless loop. A jing-jing of the dome piece, if you will. That was the day I grew years while falling back decades. Regardless of what you may hear, only believe people as far as you can throw them. (Which isn’t far)

Jealousy can be a sharp knife, just saying. Although people may say otherwise I’ve never seen the point. Looking back, which I only do to learn from what mistakes I remember, points out that roughly a half of the problems. I had derived from or had a little something, something to do with jealousy.

Over the years, after one girl, in particular, broke up with me, I became numb to the way I chose to treat the opposite sex. This girl was my princess in shining armor and I neglected to show her exactly how much. I too was her first and the uncertainties of our “situation” finally got to her, seeing that I let this “worrywart” into our lives. It wasn’t till my “incident” that I realized. So it is what it is, as it was what it was.


Holla at me.

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