He get it from his daddy.

…I have made many more than one bad decision when I was younger. A few now, they

are what they are. On top of that, the country which I love has been throwing borrowed money

around like it is nobody’s business.

They act as if invincibility runs in their veins simply because they are Americans, can never be

touched. Have the people in power not been paying attention and learning from history? The

only way to bypass our forefathers mistakes lies in our paying attention to, remembering, and

learning from history. Well, I am just… it does not matter who I am. All that does matter is that I

am an American citizen. Just as the founders of this great country, I love the Lord. Lastly, I will

tell you I am darker than light. I am not fifty/fifty black and white, but thirty percent caucasian,

thirty percent Mechunk Indian, and forty percent African American. My earthly father, Melvin

Tibbs, was somewhat wilder than tame. He loved women, in general, had a particularly large

place in his heart for my mom, but would never raise his hand against one of them. That is

unless his life depended on it. To the best of my knowledge that never happened. It was most

definitely harder than easy figuring the opposite sex out without him, I probably will not either, it

is what it is…

For the life of me I do not know, don’t understand slash remember. I do not know if my

When I was seventeen going on eighteen he died from not taking care of his body. He ever so

rudely left this earth, at the same time like father like son. Although if you were able to rewind

time, if he could but know what the future had in store, my bet is that he would make alternative

choices. I do not remember the day slash the night of for technical reasons, trauma to the dome

piece. It is what it is, everybody’s gonna die I just wish it could have been later. My injury was so

bad that although I had next to no physical impairments, besides the inability to walk. It took me

five years to begin to come to terms with the fact that my dad was not around. Even as I write

this the words, “My dad is dead.” are merely words.

If I ever get the chance to be a father, and I halfway hope I don’t. I will most definitely

take better care of my body.


Holla at me.

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