HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital

Excitement grows as the entrance to what’s become my home away from home the closer I get to the entrance. Some may see it as a job, but I see it far differently. God did and continues to use them. Vicariously healing people using doctors and nurses as He sees fit.
Now, what about all the horrible, detestable actions that go on, on in hospitals. All the abortion, innocent death, sex alteration surgeries, and petty crimes that occur on grounds.
I was not saved to point my finger at anyone with a judging attitude. All the answers have I not, but what I can do is introduce you the One who knows all and sees all, to Jesus Christ.

HealthSouth rehabilitation center became my home away from home. Waking up upstairs on the third floor on whatever day I did, was what it was.

       What I refuse to do is let anyone pass this off as a tenant happening. As one of those fluke occurrences. To be wowed at for allotted time then placed on some shelf. Collecting dust while in wait for some unknown happenings. Well… It ain’t Happening.

Holla at me.

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