Peace is as peace does…

My mindset before the incident was some degree worse than good. Not bad per se, but not good either, could be measured by degree. The way more than one person chooses to live their lives. It was what it was, as it is what it is. But the knowledge of all these choices, people living their lives as they saw fit, did not come into my mind’s eye till they did. The subtraction of God from the whole ordeal remained minus from my whole mind frame. Since God originally made this country great, what gives them the thought processes that deem it okay to run off of third-base, going in a “new direction”. A direction that is seemingly new but has been tried way more times than not. Every time flying a banner with “new” colors. Usually yellow, and whatever keywords are in vogue at that time. In the meantime, they’ve long since excommunicated the Prince of Peace, they’re trying to make it to God. Who made this country great in the first place?


Holla at me.

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