For the life of me I don’t remember how it is that my addictive self became hooked on them. Might have been a mix of love, lust, or an infatuation with the concept of one a day keeping the doctor away. Just the sight of the plump goodness of it alone will make my knees rubberize, leaving me crumpled frothing at the mouth in what seems  like anaphylactic shock, a rather dangerous allergic reaction. As of now my consumption has dwindled to 6… A day. But at one time there was almost a constant, shall we say, need for them. At one point, the longing for them got so bad that I almost lusted after them. Lust is the right word. Yes, I love them but it was a good deal stronger more persistent and obsessive. Plus both words, love and lust, begin with the letter “L”. If it were humanly possible, no problems could be seen by doing so, I would’ve readily accepted its stem in marriage.
I took the saying, an apple a day will keep the doctor away, literally. And seeing that I had been “stopped up” from having been tube fed even when I was sent home with my mother. The insanity of being forced to sit in another room and listen to the clink, clink of utensils and people enjoying food in the other room went on for six months in all. To say I was forced to go without food for those six months would be a slight altering of the truth. If in fact things such as random flowers that were brought to my room, meant to be a get well present, but were snatched in that 10 seconds someone look the other way and promptly devoured. Or those flavored Chapsticks given by another friend, meaning well but those two were devoured.
So when I finally was able to eat it was an absolutely glorious day. I remember it like it was yesterday, not. But actually good things came out of not being able to six months. Not that I was picky before but since that day I am so un-picky. That I just don’t care, which actually became a problem in the long run. When frienemies, friendly enemies, being jealous of how the Lord was blessing me, took it upon themselves to throw rocks in my way.

Holla at me.

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