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Hello. Life with a brain injury is way harder than easy, let alone one with the synonyms “severe and traumatic”  in front. I should know because I am blessed with one… When talking with people,  because it happens way more often than not, I wait for let’s say three seconds till the subject of what I do with myself between the hours of 9 to 5 normally comes up. Or if not that, normally I can tell them noticing the darting glances elsewhere on my body,  the way I walk. The “question” comes up. Why.

I am ever so glad, in and un-glad kind of way, to tell them why. It is not that I do not know that it was and is a shame on way more levels than one. The way it I was living. Partying, the girls, and drinking, which way more than one person has been guilty of. May 19, 2007. The fact that I was driving solo on that night was merely a God-sent blessing. Thereby removing the need of me nervously stuttering while going through the story of what happened to a crying mother and steaming father. And the only person I have to blame is myself.
The reason I did not have to go to jail was that the officer on duty thought I was as good as dead, and good reason too.
Brief bio of Jesse Clowater:
I was born on August 24, 1982, in Charlottesville, then grew up in Fluvanna County, where I did country boy stuff, like fishing, hunting, and playing soccer. My mom began taking me to church when I was two. I went to Christian school until the ninth grade. Even though I believed in God, I got further and further away from Him during my late teens and twenties. Substituting temporary fun for the Truth, I followed a track that would either end up in jail or a funeral parlor.
God used a cedar tree that connected with my head at 75+ MPH in the middle of the night, to wake me up. After consuming copious amounts of moonshine with friends, I somehow thought I could drive home from Crozet.
 I woke up days later in a hospital room with tubes and wires trailing off my body, unable to talk or eat—even though I cannot remember it.
 A severe traumatic brain injury has its definite downside; it narrows a person’s world to what is really important. My story is one of being stripped of my rebellious identity and of returning to the Lord I had tried to place on a shelf.
My name is Jesse Clowater and I would like to tell you what my God did for me. Before I begin I feel it necessary to inform you that when I say, my God, I am referring to the Maker of heaven and earth. The only God, my beginning and my end. For that matter everyone’s beginning and everyone’s end.
I’ve been face-to-face with way more than no people, all with 1 million different excuses or reasons they would rather not listen and keep on doing what they do. Yes, they’ll listen to me tell about how a 25-year-old man struggled to live and survived. They will answer it with the usual wows. All the while their faces masking up as one of the usual excuses is said and/or used, to distract me like women, alcohol, and drugs. Rather successfully used to keep me complacent, off the subject, and from popping the question of whether or not they’ve decided where they’re going to spend the longer portion of the life. They hearing that I have turned over a new leaf, following a new road, did not know what to think. You see I am more certain than not that God saved my life through Jesus. Peace. Understanding that we don’t have to face it alone, all we have to do is ask and help will be there. I’ve been prescribed to lots of different medications ranging from ones to do with my spasticity and others to deal with the seizures. Now, as of when it happened, I no longer need to take medication, and for that I praise God. I praise Him for a host of reasons. For allowing me the pleasure of walking again. Repeatedly saving my life.
Feel free to get in touch with one and/or all of the contact above. The first is a worker at FUMA, Fork Union Military Academy. Steve Feden, a good friend of mine, is the shepherd of many heads. Mr. Small was my high school drama teacher and is another good friend of mine. Mrs. Ragland is the leader of a brain injury support team I’m involved with. Dr. Harold Bare, a devout man of God and yet another good friend of mine, leads my church in Charlottesville, Virginia. Pastor Doug Adams a leader of another church and the opposite of an enemy. And lastly, but not least, Ms. Terrie Wood another teacher at the high school and good friend of mine.
 Warren McIvor (
 Steve Feden (
 David small (
Carol Sears Ragland (
Dr. Harold Bare (434-953-9065,
Terrie Wood (
Pastor Doug Adams (434) 581-9982  (

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