The Prince of PEACE, Jesus Christ, is the ONLY place where True Peace can be found. Many people and/or things claim to, it is only for a season and the End is the worst. For you see, I urge everyone that reads this blog, “fast forward to the end of their lives asking for Jesus’s True Peace to rule their lives”. Then and only then may the Lord’s will be done.

Everybody. Big or little, male or female, black, white, yellow, red, or green. Christian, Jew, Atheist, Muslim, Gay or straight. Whatever your choice is, it is. Seeing that I was not saved from my car accident to point my finger in hatred, so I do not nor does Jesus hate you. I have a love for you all. Just as God does, but God’s love is Truer than mine. For I am merely a mortal human, a more faithful servant than not.

What I hope to do by addressing you all is to tell you the truth. You may as well put down this world’s distractions. Be that money, drugs, pleasure, pain, jealousy, pride. The list goes on, seeing that their sole purpose is to distract you from the reason you were born. From paying God the attention, He deserves.

I ask for God’s will to be done in the situation between Israel and Iran. And I am just glad that I personally do not have this decision writhing on my shoulders.

For multiple reasons. The best bet, the answer, is both secret and obvious at the same time. Opposites. It lies in the past. Now is the most important decision. Whether or not to let Iran go nuclear. Israel is and should be, scared, but at the same time, it all is what it is.

And God will not let His people, Israel, be destroyed for they are where the Truth came to earth, was killed, and now sits in heaven at the right hand of the Father waiting for the end.

Pray for Israel, asking for God’s will to be done in the Israel \ Iran situation. Nothing more, nothing less.

I am NOT telling you to do anything on this blog. Life is chock full of CHOICES. With the MASS of people who knew of me, the well-known fact of people thinking I and them were far closer than not and that they know the REAL truth. Believe them or NOT, the CHOICE is up to you.

Before going any further I M U S T both welcome and warn you. There’s no need to throw a “tiffy”, getting your undergarments in a knot. For happy(whatever day it may be), welcome to this blog. By reading this whole blog, if done with no half-assery involved and you put to work some ways I have described. Then you will see True Change, for better, not for worse. Don’t give up…


It is a long story, but far earlier later my “situation”, around the time I started on the road to recovery, my mind became irked at the word “try”. There I was sitting in a wheelchair and everyone attempting to be extra nice to me as if I was made of crystal glass. Saying at the point of someone attempting to tell me to do something, for example, to get something, to lay off him.
Then with the word “try” finding its way repeatedly into the wordplay when they came to physical therapy. This happening, my mind highlighted the word “try” then placed it in the cabinet in my head for later use. Later on, when thinking this over and being reminded of all those random situations, my mind’s eye happened on a movie that my cousin and I used to watch.
Star Wars.
On that movie, this clip came to mind, not vividly but it was what it was. A bit after escaping the Hospital scene, thanks to the internet I found it again.

My GYM is the world…<<<<<<<<<<P E A C E>>>>>>>>>>…And my world a GYM

{EVERYthing and EVERYONE can be measured by degree}

       There is no reason to blame God for anything, He’s simply sitting on His throne in Heaven, watching everything, and waiting. Till the second when Jesus will bring His church home. In a sense, God is three parts, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, you could say God is sitting. Watching Himself, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit take care of everyone to the degree they themselves chose to be cared for. Everyone says they wanted … to happen, but did actions match words.

      Everyone is different from the other and varying by degree we ALL are some degree better than bad. Seeing that God and the devil are the only beings that truly deserve to be labeled Good and bad. Everyone else varies to some degree better than bad, the vagrant, businessman, stable guy, preacher. Truly only God knows to what degree.

       A terrible act of judgment it is when God gives the sinner over to his sins. So He did me, with the people I chose to be around. Yes, I should have held my ground but at the same time, “shoulda, woulda, AND/OR coulda”. In time their mindsets would, more likely than not, have been changed as my mindset wasn’t. History does not dictate that’s what happened.

       The action of giving sinners over to sinful action may be done for a season to show the sinner both his need of God and of divine forgiveness, or He may do so perpetually. Insofar that while the sinner does enjoy sin for a time, for a season, he does so to his own demise. Wreaking havoc not only in his current life but, more importantly, his eternal situation is as well changed. Which is why I urge everyone to fast-forward to the end of their lives and if Jesus is not there, you’ve been tricked. Such it was for Pharaoh in Egypt; Yahweh left him to his hardened heart which brought plagues and death. (Exo. 7-14)

On top of saving my life, in more ways than one, He refurbished my brain in a sense. Not making me uber-smart or anything like that, but making me some degree smarter than not. And for that, I give Him ALL of the glory, for He deserves it all. Seeing that He created this world, everyone in it, and He has the final say on everything that happens. It would make way more sense than it would if instead of relying on man’s say, they would turn to Him. Now I know this would seem impossible, seeing that they have let in a ton of distractions, the opposite sex, random sin, and abortion to name a few. My mind’s eye tells me that if they would just let Him gain control once again America would take the head.

Think about it, everything that goes on in this world is of His will and since we were made in His image that means we have free will. Even the sinful stuff, seeing that in the beginning Adam & Eve screwed it up for everyone that followed. Meaning everyone on or under was and/or is my brother or sister no matter how distant and we all are in need of peace. But not any peace, peace of this world, because it only works for a season.

Soon after I got out of the hospital, life moving entirely too fast, I was asked to come here, go there, take this and do that. What I am doing is not pointing my finger at someone else and blaming them totally. All I am saying, though, is that minus when it doesn’t, it takes two to do any and everything. According to the doctors, I have a severe traumatic brain injury. Was blessed with it when, blind drunk off moonshine, I stupidly climbed in behind the wheel of my vehicle and tried to drive home at roughly 1 o’clock in the morning on May 19, 2007.
You know what the best thing for a person to have in my situation or for anyone to have is peace. Personally, I have looked in almost every place possible in the search for it, yet no peace I found. The near constant sense of instability that comes with a brain injury could be a direct result, or a side effect of the long list of situations that come with a brain injury including depression, anxiety, chronic pain, sleeping problems, and/or fatigue. All coming and going by random degrees of strength without reason. The ONLY place that both says and provides true peace lies in the Prince of Peace.

SOLUTION to ALL Problems

My solution may not sound as if it addresses ALL the world’s problems, but it DOES, the answer I speak of is Peace. Not just any peace either, not as the world gives, but True Peace can only be found in the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. Trust me it was far longer than short, sometime around four and a half years, but I am standing after living through a collision between the car I was driving and a cedar tree. Since I was not wearing my seat belt, thinking myself to be far smarter than not. The cedar tree came into the passenger side of my vehicle, collided with my head directly at some speed well over 65 mph and BLESSED me with this Severe Traumatic Brain Injury.

You may be wondering, “Why does he refer to an injury of that severity as a blessing, not a curse?” To which I would respond, I do not exactly know why bad things happen. Besides this is a fallen world in need of Peace, not as the world gives, which can ONLY be found in Jesus Christ The Prince of Peace. But I was warned so I warn you(the reader), He is called the Stumbling Block for a reason. If you find that you’ve stumbled, no matter what # of times this is, just pick yourself up, dust off, and continue placing one foot in front of the other. E V E R Y T H I N G, world and all in it, was made both by and for God. With Jesus being sole in between, and Him being the Prince of peace, would you not deem His peace, able to answer ALL problems?

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JMC a.k.a. THEJessTER



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